Protect Your Feeds and Occasionally Google Your Username

Some would say there’s something narcissistic about googling your name.  However, it’s a good idea occasionally to see what appears on the first couple of pages of Google results. 

Last week I had a nasty surprise when the first page of results from a google search for my Jaiku username returned a link to a profile page on a dating site.  Although I see nothing wrong with dating sites, I should state that I am happily married and have never needed the services of the formentioned.   Moreover my social networking is purely professional, I do not carry out my personal life on the internet.  When I browse to the profile in question I note that although the profile picture, username and feeds are mine, the “bio” information is invented.  There is no way to sign in to the site in order to delete the profile.  Further checks reveal that other Jaiku and Twitter members have also been victims of this bogus site.


It seems that a Spanish company known for shady practice has been scraping RSS feeds from Jaiku and Twitter by way of an application for Google IG.  Unfortunately neither Twitter nor Jaiku have announced this to their users.

In an attempt to prevent further “hijacking” of my information I have made my Jaiku and Twitter updates private and suggest others do the same.


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One Response to “Protect Your Feeds and Occasionally Google Your Username”

  1. illyasoet Says:

    Thank you for the warning!

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